2018 St. Kitts & Nevis Calendar

November 03, 2017  •  4 Comments

We did it! A lot of you have asked for it and now we have created a St. Kitts & Nevis calendar for 2018.

We don't have to tell you that this makes a great souvenir, keepsake or (Christmas) present. Now you can have the beauty of St. Kitts and Nevis with you 365 days of the year. 

Below are close-ups of the individual months with a little background story on each photo. 



This photo was taken almost 3 years ago at the National Carnival. Pictured are the Masquerades in their colorful flowy costume and feathered headdresses. 

Masquerade is an artform created by the coming together of peoples of African and European descent over a period of 300 years.

The Masquerades are always performing in the carnival parade on January 1st and 2nd.











This photo was captured on a picture perfect day in South Friars Bay. We spend Sundays at The Godfather Beach Bar and while the view from there is always beautiful, that Sunday it was extra special. Being on the Caribbean side of the island, the sea always tends to be calmer but to see it that calm, crystal clear and sparkling is rare.

Naturally, I had to capture the moment and whenever I look at this photo I just want to dive right into the Caribbean.










We all know it, that beautiful majestic fig tree at the entrance of Montpelier Plantation. 

This is it, just from a different angle. I loved the play of light and shadows, these old roots and of course the old sugar mill in the background. One picture that tells a whole story.













On a flight out of St. Kitts I could not believe my eyes and was glued to the window. No haze, no clouds, just Mount Liamuiga in all its glory. 

But that's not it. Did you spot Brimstone Hill? Funny how this picture puts it all into perspective.












Lodge - my favorite village. Nestled into a ghaut with a lot of palm trees and other vegetation, with a winding road down into and than up back out of the village. 

I just love this idyllic scenery.














On a hike in St. Peter's in between tall guinea grass I was able to catch a glimpse of this view - wow! 

St. Peter's hills in the foreground, the hills of Birdrock, Frigate Bay, the South-East Peninsula and Nevis in the background makes it picture perfect to me.











Love them or hate them, the Green Vervet Monkeys just belong to St. Kitts & Nevis. 

I captured this one at Sunshine's Beach Bar on Nevis. He/ she was eyeing our lunch which gave me the opportunity to capture him/her in all his/her beauty.












Off the beaten path is where I like to venture. This image was taken right in between Black Rocks, which were formed as a result of a volcanic eruption over 400 years ago.















There are so many beautiful spots on St. Kitts and Nevis and to me, Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor is definitely one of them. 

Being up there is just like a breath of fresh air. The colors, the plants, the well maintained grounds...a prefect place to recharge.












Of course we all know this view, which must be the most photographed view of St. Kitts - the south-east peninsula as seen from Timothy Hill. The Atlantic to your left, the Caribbean to your right.

This image however, was captured at night with the moon trying to peek through the clouds and illuminating the shoreline and hills ever so slightly.










I remember this day. I was on an island road trip with a friend who in turn had friends visiting. We were coming to the end of the island tour and the last stop was Ottley's Plantation. We wandered around the grounds and then came to this palm tree grove, planted some 10-15 years ago by the then owner. 

It was just such an impressive sight - all the palm trees perfectly aligned and the sun setting behind them - simply beautiful.











This picture was captured at Whitehouse Bay at one of my favorite times of the day - sunset. Everything is drenched in this golden sunlight and landscapes glow in a special dreamy way.










The calendar can be bought at Harper's Office Depot (both locations), Ballast Bay Outfitters (in the Christophe Harbour Marina), Island Tingz (at Shiggidy Shack) and Island Glass Designs (opposite the post office).

Hurry while stock lasts! 


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Clytie Gilbert(non-registered)
It was less than a week ago that my Pooh Bear and I were saying we don't even have a local calender displaying the wonderful sites of SKN, as we were sitting and talking about the view at Brimestone Hill. Well I am in AWE of this one! Superb job!

I'm not sure if I missed it in all my excitement but it would be really nice to know who was the photographer who have captured all these beautiful sites of this my little island not to mention my village, Lodge. Great job again!

I will definitely get mines at Harper's. Thank you very much for this and I will like to encourage you to make it an annual treat.

Keep up the good work!
SceneKitts Photography
Thank you very much Elvis!
Elvis Saint kitts and nevis culture(non-registered)
Nice photos, veary butiful calendar.
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